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#opendata shutdown: The Case for a Web of Data

Federal open data portals have gone dark because of the shutdown.,, and countless other sites are unavailable.  Thankfully, the opendata community  stepped up and have quickly cobbled together workarounds to keep the data flowing. We’re still just a few days into the shutdown so its full impact is yet to be felt as the our politicians play “essential services” poker and the “Anti-Deficiency …


Our take on Citizen Identity & Sign-on

I just read Cyd Harrell’s post on Citizen Experience Challenges: Identity & Sign-on, and its an issue that resonates with us as we build our platform. Even with data-wrangling, we have a whole library of different “identities” as we wrangle data from different sources – both public and private. In her post, she touched on the possibility of using a municipal implementation of social/single sign-on …


SemtechBiz NYC 2012 Post-Conference Report

This was my fifth SemTech Conference. Ever since I got the semantic bug back in the summer of 2008, I’ve been making my annual pilgrimage to San Francisco  to get the latest and greatest on all things semantics with about 1200 of my fellow semtech nerds. And its always been a productive trip. I got my first under-the-hood look of Google Rich Snippets, Facebook Open …