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CompStat and NYC Open Data

In the mid 90s, I got a chance to work on NYPD‘s Narcotic Investigation and Tracking of Recidivist Offenders (NITRO).  This was during the early days of CompStat, when NYPD started using data-based policing strategies.  Back then, it was still mainly mainframes and pin maps as I did my regular visits to Police Plaza and the Crime Lab when it was still housed in just …


Vote for Us!

Voting has opened and we’re pretty far behind the leaders, but you have till March 8 to cast your votes (yep! you can vote once a day!) to push us up the rankings. C’mon, its Valentine’s Day!!!  Can you give us some love?!?  Pretty please!!!!  With Sugar on Top?


NYCFacets is live!

Its been a hectic 2.5 months!  Creating NYCFacets was no small feat but we finally got it up and running and submitted our entry to NYCBigApps with 58 minutes to spare. There are still some fit & finish issues here and there, so please bear with us, as we continue to work and refine NYCFacets.  Just to give you an idear of what we’re working …