Towards #NextgenOpendata

Today we are proud to announce that Ontodia has joined OpenGov — the leading government financial intelligence, planning, and transparency platform.

It’s been a long (yet worthwhile!) journey, and we couldn’t be happier to continue our efforts by joining OpenGov. Not only do they share our values, mission and ambition to help create the 21st Century connected government we expect and deserve, combining forces with OpenGov will greatly accelerate and amplify our shared ambition. As Zac, Sami and I surmised when we closed the deal: “1 + 1 = 11!”

Our GovTech adventure started all the way back in 2010. Back then, I headed up the Knowledge Engineering Practice of a small consulting firm when the siren call of digital public service beckoned. Five years later — after winning NYCBigApps twice; the NYCpedia and experiments; becoming a CKAN specialist running the Open Data portals of some of America’s largest cities; and launching CivicDashboards last October – Sami and I knew we were getting traction.

We were getting approached by multiple governments interested in our #BuildWithNotFor, open-source, standards-based solution, and we also got the attention of the OpenGov team.

Shortly after successfully partnering on a strategic project early this year, our conversations quickly turned from collaboration to acquisition. :)

After spending a lot of time (12 hour days were the norm) planning, brainstorming, designing and carousing with the entire OpenGov team at their Silicon Valley headquarters and in New York, we’re already executing on our shared vision.

The future is bright! And the future is OpenGov!

Sami and Joel

Don’t forget to check out the FAQ and Zac’s blog post


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  1. Congrats! You folks are so awesome – may the wind be at your back, and new exciting challenges worthy of your deep expertise keep popping up in your paths :-)

    • Joel Natividad says:

      Thanks Jerry! Your support the past six months was key!