Cost-Effective Data Portal Bundling a Performance Management Platform, Data Subscriptions & Analytics-as-a-Service Enable Government Agencies Worldwide to Jumpstart Open Data Initiatives & Quickly Put Data to Work

New York, NY (November 4, 2015) –  Ontodia announced today the launch of CivicDashboards. CivicDashboards is a next-generation open data suite designed for agencies to go beyond listing raw datasets in an online catalog.

“We believe a data portal is just the first step in a results-oriented, data-driven initiative for 21st Century Government,” said Joel Natividad, Ontodia co-founder and CEO. “If you want your constituents to actually use the data—internal staff, other agencies, citizens and businesses to power data-driven decisions and applications—you need more than just raw data, you also need performance management, analytics and third-party data.”

CivicDashboards consists of the following services:

  • Data Portal: Powered by CKAN—the world’s leading, open-source data portal platform that powers the largest data portals in the world, including data.gov and data.gov.uk. Our managed version of CKAN has been extended with value-added extensions to go beyond a listing of datasets, with cherry-picked plugins maintained and updated from the hundreds of plugins created by the global CKAN community.
  • Performance Management: A self-service hyperlocal intelligence dashboard platform that allows you to compute Key Place Indicators—Ontodia’s geotemporal take on Key Performance indicators—showing traditional KPIs for specific locations in a jurisdiction over time.
  • Analytics-as-a-Service: Complements your internal data science capacity with Solution Templates and Consulting Hours. Subscribers get access to the Solution Template Library—pre-built Solution Templates including Crime Maps, Economic Activity Dashboards, Snowplow Trackers and open source civictech projects, like Citygram. Bundled consulting hours can be used to configure Solution Templates, for data integration, even to create additional custom solutions that are then added to the Solution Template Library.
  • Up-to-Data Subscriptions: Ontodia has compiled Key Place Indicators for all 3,000+ counties and 35,000+ townships/municipalities in the United States, compiling maps and data from various high-value trusted sources, like the U.S. Census, the Department of Labor Statistics and the FBI, going back several years. Clients can subscribe to the KPIs, the data behind it, and even commission custom feeds (e.g. licenses/permits/violations filed).

“With the CivicDashboard suite, we offer a different path towards 21st Century government, building on the solid foundation of CKAN—the best open source data portal platform—we added all the other missing pieces to start putting your data to work,” Joel Natividad added. “Our novel approach of combining an open source data portal not only with enterprise support, but with performance management, analytics and data subscriptions, allow us the freedom to tap best-of-breed tools/techniques from partners, like CartoDB and Accela, and collaboratively innovate with our clients, partners and the CKAN community, all without artificially locking in our clients to a proprietary technology or the product roadmap of a single vendor. We call this approach #OpenInfrastructure—open data with open source with confidence.”

CivicDashboards has been in beta since June 2015 and is already being used by cities like Newark, NJ and Jersey City, NJ. Ontodia also helped with deploying value-added CKAN on-premise for the University of Pittsburgh Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center at wprdc.org.

To celebrate the launch, Ontodia is offering a 20 percent discount for clients that sign up on or before Dec. 31, 2015.

About Ontodia:
Ontodia provides solutions for unlocking the potential of Big Open Data, for governments of all sizes, and sectors that utilize open data. A two-time winner of NYCBigApps, Ontodia is born of Open Data. After winning the NYCBigApps 3.0 Grand Prize in 2012, Ontodia moved into NYU Tandon School of Engineering Incubator, and recently graduated as its first govtech/civictech startup.


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