Ontodia Selected as Finalist in the IBM Watson Mobile Challenge

Everyone at Ontodia has been fans the IBM Watson cognitive computer ever since it bested the two top human Jeopardy players in 2011. IBM has been hard at work making the power of Watson available to other applications. Ontodia is pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of the 25 finalists in the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. IBM invited teams to design mobile apps using Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to analyze, discover insights and learn from Big Data. Ontodia applied to the challenge with an aspirational vision for using Watson to answer deep questions about cities leveraging our linked data in PediaCities.


Check back here for more updates in the coming weeks!


Ontodia’s Proposal for the IBM Watson Mobile Challenge

Ontodia proposes to prototype an Answering People Interface City Intelligence Concierge service that lets users ask in-depth questions about the city. New York City is the first beta city. We will leverage Watson’s cognitive-computing abilities to extract knowledge about the city from open data sources at all levels of government, as well as from private sources. Watson’s natural-language parsing and big data analysis will let us provide on-the-fly answers to deep questions about the urban environment, such as “How is demand at this bike-share station affected by delays in subway service?” “Which blocks in my community have high concentrations of underwater mortgages?” “What are the risks for disinvestment or in this neighborhood, relative to other areas in the city?” “How fast is the gentrification process happening on this commercial corridor, and how many residents and local businesses are at risk of displacement?” The City Intelligence Concierge is built on a freemium model, providing hyperlocalized, hyperpersonalized answers to questions on a tiered model (free answers to simple questions, paid answers to complex answers that require powerful searches or access to historical data). This mobile app connects to Ontodia’s existing work on PediaCities, a normalized, semantically linked data encyclopedia about New York City. Answers served by Watson are linked to dynamic entity pages on PediaCities, providing a rich data context. The Answering People Interface City Intelligence Concierge provides answers to complex questions asked by city officials, urban developers, and concerned citizens about their surroundings, delivered directly to their mobile devices, dramatically shortening the time that urban analysis can be applied in the field.



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