NYC Crime Map

Explore crime rates in New York City based on geographies like neighborhoods, ZIP codes, boroughs, police precincts, community districts, or city council districts.

Compare crime rates between different districts and for specific crime types.

Interactive map here:
Zip Code Crimes



NYPD reports crime data for 7 major crimes in NYC.[1] In PediaCities uses that data to calculate crime rates for different geographies and for specific crimes. All crime rates are calculated as a rate per 1,000 residents, using 2010 US Census data. Data currently displayed is for January 1 2013 to December 31, 2013, the most current full year of data available. Data from 2012 will be added soon.
Each choropleth map uses an automatically generated quantile schema that divides the values for each view into five buckets that contain equal number of units.
NYPD reports individual crimes at an intersection or mid-point on a block. NYPD reports that approximately 3% of reported crimes are not geocoded and are not included. Aggregating this point data may result in small errors when some points are reported on the border of two geographies. Crimes are reported in parks, airports, or other areas with no residential population, so not crime rates are calculated for these areas.
Note that many areas of New York City have significantly higher daytime population, due to commuters and tourists. Calculating crime rates based on “daytime population” would produce different maps (especially in Manhattan) than crime rates based on the “nighttime population” based on residential population numbers. However, daytime population is difficult to estimate, so only crime rates based on residential population are presented.


Lead programer: Aykut Simsek
Data wrangler: Jay Guo
Design supervision: Nathan Storey
Data scraping: Thomas Levine
Interactive map elements: CartoDBMapBox
Map tiles: MapBox, NYC DOITT



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