Watch PediaCities co-founder Joel Natividad on BBC

PediaCities is “doing big data for good, for regular people,” says our co-founder Joel Natividad in a recent video interview with the BBC’s Jonny Dymond.

PediaCities on the BBC

The BBC piece explores how big data and NYC’s open data protocols are changing the way the city functions. Dymond observes that New York City is “gathering data, processing data, and distributing data like never before, tearing down the walls between agencies to make the city work smarter.”  Joel explains how PediaCities is working ensure that all the city’s residents can enjoy the benefits of this “smarter” city by making that data accessible and useful to the public at large.

Take a look at our neighborhoods map, our grocery store finder, or our poll site finder to see just how PediaCities is helping make all New York City’s data work for you.  And follow us on twitter @PediaCities to make sure you hear about new NYC maps, finders, and apps as they become available!

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