Public School Data to Help New Yorkers Choose Their High School

The New York City Department of Education unveiled the results of the first School Choice Design Challenge (SCDC), “a competition for software developers to design applications that will assist students and families during the high school choice process. The apps help families search and navigate the high school directory to find the schools right for them.”

We were especially excited to see the 6 apps revealed last night at General Assembly because we worked with the Department of Education’s iZone to get the data ready for developers to make apps that help students, parents, and guidance counselors navigate the High School Choice process in New York City.

You can see the apps and the data behind the apps on the data portal we built for the Department of Education at

NYCDOE Data Portal

PediaCities has also made a Public School Finder as one example of how the cleaned-up schools data can be used to answer questions about New York City’s schools.  If you’re curious about education in the city, go ahead and try it out now!

Public School Finder

We think it’s a pretty great tool for parents and anyone else who’s interested in NYC’s educational landscape. It helps you find public schools within a variety of distances from any address (from 2 blocks to 2 miles) and gives you detailed information about all the schools on the map.  Each school has a unique NYCpedia page, where you will find a wealth of school-specific data. Our finder currently only helps you find high schools, but we will soon have elementary and middle schools up and running, too. And if you’re into the data side of things you can find the source data right there within the school finder by clicking the “Attribution” link at the bottom of the “Overview” tab for any particular school. (Or, if you prefer, you can always jump to our Data Wrangler to view it there).

We encourage you to explore the schools near you and, of course, check out all of the other apps made during the School Choice Design Challenge (SCDC).

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