Presenting a New Way to Get to Know Your Neighborhood

PediaCities is quite proud to introduce our spiffy new neighborhoods map. We think this map will help people navigate the vast array of NYC data that’s becoming publicly available under the new open data laws. We love that this map helps people find an informative selection of open data that comes from a variety of agencies and organization. But what’s even more exciting to us that it presents this data by neighborhood. After all, neighborhoods are the geography that New Yorkers use to think about, navigate, and explore their city.

Neighborhoods Map


You can find any neighborhood by typing it into the Search Address bar, selecting it from the dropdown menu just below, or simply moving your mouse over the map to find your neighborhood — the name of the neighborhood will pop up as you move your mouse around the map. If you click on a highlighted neighborhood, you’ll be sent to a page like this one for the Financial District where you can find a huge selection of information about that neighborhood, from tourist attractions and parks to demographics and housing statistics.


Financial District



Aykut Simsek, Zack Silverman and Nathan Storey all worked together to make our neighborhoods map. It’s the first map we’ve made using Open Street Map, Leaflet, and CartoDB, so we had to come up with new processes integrating them into our existing mapping practice. If you’re interested in how this map was made, keep an eye out for upcoming posts about the team and about the process. And if you’d rather just start exploring NYC, head straight to the neighborhoods map.

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