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Ever wonder if that fish market around the corner is a safe place to buy a fillet or two, or if it’s really true that your neighborhood has no clean grocery stores?  Lucky for you, PediaCities has created an easy to use, interactive grocery store finder to help you do just that. You can enter an address to see the health inspection results of nearby grocery stores at a glance, and find out detailed information by clicking on the name of any store!

Grocery Store Finder - Pediacities

This map was made possible through the efforts of Martin Burch, a data journalist who made a Freedom of Information Law request to obtain New York State grocery store health inspection records. Martin then analyzed this data to produce an interactive grocery store map and a series of stories for Patch. His work with this data also appeared on other websites.

When Martin approached PediaCities to ask if we could help this important data reach more people, we were thrilled to do so.  We pitched in some geocoding and, of course, published the data so that anyone and everyone can access it. Developers can now find the API ready grocery store data on the PediaCities Data Wrangler.  And non-technical folks can explore the inspection records of grocery stores around them with the map we made from the data.

PediaCities is especially excited about this data because we know it’s important information for all New Yorkers to have access to.  A recent article in the New York World has some interesting analysis of this data, pointing out that certain neighborhoods tend to have stores with “spotless records” while others tend to have stores that tend toward the “grungy.”

If you’re looking to dig deeper into these sorts of questions, you can explore NYCpedia to try to find more correlations. Click on any grocery store in the map and a pop-up label will appear.  In the pop-up, you can click on the store name to land on a page with all the inspection information for that store. That page can also lead you to all sorts of data about the zip code the store is in, from how many schools there are to the race and income of the folks living there.  We’ve randomly chosen the 14th Street Trader Joe’s to show this function, but you can try a store near you to find out more.

Trader Joe's

And if you’d like to explore NYC’s data by neighborhood, we suggest you check out our NYC neighborhoods map!

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