Did You Catch the PediaCities audio interview on BBC?

In case you missed it, PediaCities co-founder Joel Natividad was recently interviewed by the BBC. In a short piece about the enormous volume of raw data that has become public in the wake of New York’s sweeping open data laws, BBC correspondent Jonny Dymond spoke with Joel about the innovative way that PediaCities helps to make that data actionable for NYC’s citizens.  Dymond touches on PediaCities’ ability to “crunch the numbers” and present the city’s raw data in an aggregate, hyper-local format that is very useful to the public at large.  As Joel says in the interview: “Data is data, it’s really how you use it.  Right now, people are afraid that some organizations are using big data techniques for ill; and we’re doing it for good and for the public benefit.”

Read more from Joel about governance and open data in general, or about NYC’s open data in particular. Or check out our awesome neighborhoods map to see some of the number crunching Johnny Dymond mentioned in action!


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