New York City #opendata – more OpenFloodgates

With less than 100 days to go, the Bloomberg administration is still pushing the Open Data envelope!  This Monday , it announced several Open Data advances:

And it was such an honor to help host the press conference right here at the NYU-Poly Varick Incubator – the first city-sponsored incubator powering several open-data powered startups like Ontodia and Honest Buildings.

We’re so excited about the new datasets!  Not only will it enrich NYCpedia, GeoSupport will  vastly simplify our lookups and improve our URIs.

And looking at the Open Data Plan, the vast datamine will only get richer over the next few years!  The plan calls for an additional 400+ datasets that are going to be released in the next few years – everything from the daily cash flow of the City, to the weekly Department of Consumer Affairs Inspections.  Yep!  That’s not a typo – DAILY! WEEKLY!   A sizable number of the datasets will be dynamically updated by the City.  And not only for the ones listed in the plan, but also for a number of datasets that are already in the portal!

Even though we’re loosing @technickle, NYC’s unofficial “Open Data Tsar” to the New York State Open Data Initiative – NY Open, we look forward to Andrew and his team making New York the Empire State of Data!

#opendata is here to stay!


We noticed that the Open Data Plan was published as a PDF.  We couldn’t help ourselves so we wrangled it to CSV and published it in PediaCities.


And now that its machine-readable, we pulled together some quick vizzes. :)  One to show the publishing timeline, and another one showing how many datasets will be published by the different agencies over the next few years.

NYC Open Data Plan – Publishing Timeline:


NYC Open Data Plan – Agency Dataset Graph:

(be sure to increase the number of nodes to 479)



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