311, Sandy, Open Data and Lydia Callis

Lydia Callis

Finally got power back last Thursday at 3 in the morning!  And the first thing I did was to look for clips of Lydia Callis.

During the power outage, our main source of information was WNYC and intermittent updates from Facebook and Twitter from our smartphones.  Mayor Bloomberg had regular press conferences and we couldn’t help but notice that social media was lit up with mentions of Lydia Callis.

I couldn’t believe the pictures I saw and I just had to see her in action.  And I was rolling on the floor and we just adore her!!!!  She gave much needed levity to the disaster that Sandy was (and SNL agrees!)

The second thing I looked for was confirmation of several 311-related statistics that the Mayor mentioned during his press conferences (now that I got your attention :) ).  And since we’re building our platform around NYC’s Open Data, we knew where to go.

We’re busy building several actionboards about NYC right now, but we thought we can spare a few hours to put together a quick Tableau Public visualization.

We bring you – 311 Sandified.


311 Sandified


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