NYCFacets is live!

Its been a hectic 2.5 months!  Creating NYCFacets was no small feat but we finally got it up and running and submitted our entry to NYCBigApps with 58 minutes to spare.

There are still some fit & finish issues here and there, so please bear with us, as we continue to work and refine NYCFacets.  Just to give you an idear of what we’re working on, here are some things that you can expect in the next few months:

  • Issue Tracker integration
    Report data quality issues, and we’ll use it as another signal to refine the Pediacities Rank of each dataset.
  • Pediacities Rank “under the hood”
    A little overview of how we score each dataset.
  • External Data Integration
    We’ll hook up some other datasets outside the NYC Open Data Catalog.  On the shortlist is (another Socrata-backed site) and the US Census data via SPARQL.
  • Socrata Query Interface
    We’ll take the extra step of helping Socrata API users create API calls once they find the datasets they’re interested in.
  • API catalog
    We’ll create a metadata catalog of existing Web 2.0 APIs, starting with the NYCBigApps API partners.
  • Our own NYCFacets Web 2.0 API
    Users can use our metaAPI to get data/metadata from all the datasources and APIs we catalog.
  • SPARQL endpoint
    So semantic geeks like us can query NYCFacets using semantic technologies.
  • Semantic Notifications
    Users can create a custom query and they’ll be notified when a resultset changes.
  • And much, much more….

Don’t forget to vote for us in NYCBigApps 2011!  Voting starts February 8.


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